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My name is Stefan and my employer has an INNOVA machine installed in our office.

We recently had an issue with the computer running the INNOVA machine which led me to contact Laura, your tech support representative.  My experience in working with her to resolve the issue was remarkably positive and I thought you would like to know.  Laura is pleasant, thoughtful, and well informed, but I'm guessing you already know this point.

Thank you for your time.


Stefan C.

I just want to take this opportunity to thank your customer service staff, Rachel and Laura. I was having problems installing pantovision and your staff came to the rescue. The knowledge, competence, response, customer service was beyond what I expected...You do provide the best customer service ever...thank you so much for everything you do to help us!


D. V. Ripley, AB

I got my 26" Innova back in 2010 (it was a dealer demo) and I couldn't be happier with my investment. The machine is a true workhorse and has done everything I have ever asked of it and taken any thread I have thrown at her, including specialty threads like metallic and holographic. I recently decided to upgrade to Lightning Stitch (not factory installed). After only 3 quilts I started getting some error messages and as valiantly as tech support tried to walk me through all the possible causes we could not fix it over the phone. Lucky for me I was able to drop the head off at the Innova facility in New York for some expert TLC my dealer couldn't do. Not only did they find the problem but also a few others I wasn't even aware of. They fixed her up and at NO CHARGE!!! Now THAT is customer service. My now almost 9 year old machine is operating like new. Many longarm manufacturers will promise you the sun and the moon at point of sale, but good luck getting any support afterwards. Innova stands behind their products and makes sure the customer is satisfied for years, even decades, after the sale. I am so happy I went with the best machine and the best company when I invested in a longarm. Why would anyone buy any other machine?


Jane O'Clair, NY

Jack Boersma, Oregon based dealer serving Alaska, is so hard working on his clients’ behalf it’s barely believeable. Kind, patient, diligent and knowledgeable, he never fails to return a call, email or text. If he ever retires (or sleeps), woe the day! He truly exemplifies an “old school” work ethic, and it is greatly appreciated.


Julie Lucht, Alaska

I would like to give this testimonial regarding my purchase on an Innova ABM International machine. I previously had a APQS, in fact three heads in a year. I had nothing but trouble with the APQS from timing, to it starting by its self when I was not even near the machine ruining quilts, to a machine starting to smoke and make the most horrible grinding sound imaginable.
If there is anyone that thinks that cheaper machines are a good deal they are quite wrong. Innova is built to quilt! It has been error free for me since I bought it a year ago. It is smooth, quiet, and accurate! Something I never ha with the other machine. The lightening stitch fires the stitches in place so that EVERY stitch looks the same and never fails or pulls. The
ease of care of this machine is incredible and maintaining it is so much easier. The support for any questions you might have is available 24/7 and answered within a minute or two not 2-3 days later. The ability to add on components without having to buy a new machine head is an excellent reason for investing in this companies machines!! I could not in any way be happier with my purchase!

Cheryl Szynkowski

Hello All, 

This is defiantly a shout out to Innova-ABM and Michael. In the past 1 1/2 weeks Michael has guided me through two different issues all which were my fault. He had the patience to get me through timing my machine and did my bobbin set-up with such humor as well. I can't say THANK YOU enough , it has been a very stressful time that was put to rest with his technical guidance and patience!

The machine is excellent as well as the service I recieve from my dealer- The Quilting Bee and ABM's service department. I can say you will not be disappointed with an Innova Long Arm machine or the service they provide!

Thank you again,

Michelle Palermo

Toronto, Canada 

Just over a month ago, I took delivery of my 26" Innova with Lightning Stitch. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Accomplish Quilting in the sale, delivery and training with my new machine! It was a delight all along the way! In this day and age, we seem to be accustomed to mediocre customer experiences, so it was AMAZING to work with a truly fabulous dealer! I have to mention delivery and set-up with Scott -- what a hard-working individual who represents Accomplish Quilting and Innova so well!! It was also a treat to receive training on my very own machine with Nancy Clark McNally! THANK YOU to everyone at Accomplish Quilting!! I am absolutely thrilled with the Innova and your fabulous customer experience! I have a huge stack of practice quilting as well as a couple of customer quilts under my belt. Such a joy! Thank you!

Amy Lobsiger from Ferndale, MI

An unidentified white van came to our house at 930 this a m and things happened. 
Matt, Keith and newbie Jim made it happen today! They installed my AutoPilot; I learned, we laughed, we ate brownies and a quick but late lunch - near 4 p m. 

How exciting! Of course the "A" Team did a fabulous job. Worked all day, did other things: installed my Pro-Tension, horizontal spool, and front laser. They also wondered why my old tension system never failed me b/c it was not only installed incorrectly but had an additional spacer that they had never seen. My rule has been not to fix it if it isn't broken hence I had no idea it was wrong. 

Sew tonight I'm the happiest person in Gainesville FL. I pray the unmarked van continues to sprinkle its expertise as it safely speeds along the highways and byways!!

Bless this great team and ABM!!
Liz Torrence

This is a company that is passionate about their product. For anybody interested in a review of Innova, I would like to say that I am a new and proud owner of an 18" SR Innova machine. I cannot say enough words to describe how happy I am with this product. It sews beautifully and does everything I hoped for. It is a very dependable and a well made machine and frame. I have had my Innova for almost 2 months and have had 2 thread breaks!!! Both were my fault.

I bought my machine from Virginia Long arm Network and went there from Pa for Sat and Sun weekend training. Val, Michelle, and Polly are experts and I feel I had superior training. They covered everything from maintenance to loading the quilt to sewing. With their knowledge and expertise, I came home with much confidence. Greg came and set my machine up and I was sewing perfect stitches in less than 4 hours.

Customer service is phenomenal. I had to call Mike because I bought the high performance tension assembly and he walked me though the installation of it without any problem. I had noticed that when sewing circles it seemed alittle stiff and I confirmed this when I was in Va using their machines, so I had emailed Mike and the next day got a phone call from VLN saying that Greg would be at my house on a fri (Good Friday) and check it out. I did not expect anyone to come to my house especially on a long holiday weekend. Greg came and sure enough my right front wheel was loose and needed replacement(I bought a demo).The family owned company of ABM and the Virginia Longarm Network is a prime example of people who are passionate about their product and have a lot of pride and stands behind what they sell.

Thank You
Karen Charles

Dear Joanne,

I have no idea if your business is doing well or not.  What  I do know is that you have been 100% successful at the most important job in the world.  Levi is a wonderful person.  He was patient with this old lady, explained things in a way that I could understand and never seemed in a hurry or flustered if I asked him to repeat something.

In this life that we are forced to lead, remember, no one will remember if you had a expensive car, big house, lots of money.  However,  after we depart this world we will be remembred by the way our children treat others and their kindness.  That is our legacy.

It was a real joy getting to know your son and am looking forward to getting to know you, his mentor..

Loved Paula's new machine, am so happy for her.  I had been trying to get her to upgrade to the Innova but since I had so many tensions problems I think she was a little hesitant. I am glad that she had time to sit and visit with you at the Dallas Quilt Show.  I am sure she is going to have many happy hours on your machine.

Will see you when her and I come down for her class.

Mary Cavitt

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