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Grand Format Embroidery™


AutoPilot™ Mach 3 Grand Format Embroidery™

For the INNVOA® Longarm Quilting Machine

In February 2018 INNOVA® introduced Grand Format Embroidery™ to the longarm quilting world. The Only Long Arm quilting machine with this optional feature. Patent Pending.

With the addition of this component the INNOVA AutoPilot Mach 3 system becomes a hoop free embroidery system.

Grand Format Embroidery gives the quilter/embroiderer the option to run a digitized embroidery pattern file and includes the Path Apply feature which gives the quilter endless creative advantages in creating their own applique and embroidery designs.

GFE Fishrunner PathApply

  • Applique with ease.
  • Embroider with any .dst file.

GFE Heart Emb

  • Hoop free embroidery system.
  • Convert any .pat pattern into an embroidery creation using Path Apply.

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