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The following are benefits of buying your machine from your local dealer:

  1. Convenience
    1. It’s always convenient to support your local business by shopping local. You don’t have to drive far and they don’t have to deliver far.
  2. Training and Support.
    1. A short drive to attend training and receive support is a great value.
  3. House calls
    1. If you have a problem with your machine, it’s typically quicker and easier to obtain service from your local dealer.
  4. Delivery Value
    1. If your dealer is near you, your machine delivery will typically occur more quickly and at your convenience.
  5. Shop local
    1. Many of our quilters own businesses of their own and prefer to shop local to support other businesses in their community. Quilting is all about a sense of community.
  6. Understanding you and your needs
    1. Your local dealer lives where you do and understands your culture and values. They will most effectively communicate with you to ensure you have an exceptional experience.
  7. Availability
    1. Whatever your needs are, your local dealer is always prepared to serve and support you.
  8. Other opportunities
    1. Do you want to volunteer, work a show, work an event, or participate in a show and Tell? It’s more practical to do this with your local dealer than it is to travel a great distance to do it.

Whatever your reason is to support your local Innova Dealer, we want to thank you for your business.